Sita Devi Malhotra Charitable Trust welcomes volunteers and interns. The difference between an intern and a volunteer is that an intern spends a fixed amount of time at SDMT, undertaking a specific project set to deadlines. Usually, we expect a product at the end of an internship. A volunteer, on the other hand, spends time and donates skills to existing programmes in order to enhance them, and does not have to produce a tangible product.

Every intern and volunteer is allocated a mentor, receives a short orientation to our work, and is given all necessary letters of recommendation and credit for his or her work.

Volunteers can apply at any time and we will help create an opportunity that suits them and SDMT.


  • The incumbent must possess Masters/Post graduate diploma in relevant subject/ thematic domains like Rural Development, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management , Social Work, Development Studies, Agriculture, HR, Mass Communication and other related disciplines.

  • Candidates who are pursuing B.E/B.Tech /Master Degree or Post graduate diploma in various relevant streams are also eligible as per requirement.

  • In this order, the thematic Programme Managers or State Programme Managers shall have discretion to design their criteria as per the requirement.

  • The qualification may be relaxed in deserving cases based on need of the SDMT on the recommendations of COO and with prior approval of CEO.

The interested students/incumbents are required to send their application (in attached application template ) along with a)Copy of bio-data b) three photographs c) A letter duly issued by the head of the department/intuition/ Agency with declaration that the applicant is a bonafide candidate of the concerned intuition.

All selected interns shall be intimated by mail/post once the selection process is over.

Download Application Format

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